Insaaf Awareness Movement is an organisation of fighters, who are fighting for Men’s Rights. Our fight is for neutrality in a system ailing with gender bias and women centric laws that are anti-men, anti-women and anti-family. Marriage breakdown has very far reaching consequences on the social structure of country as found by sociologists. The existing anti-family laws will have far reaching consequences on the social structure of our country. Anybody, whether victim or non-victim, who is against the misuse of the existing gender biased law and consider the existing laws to be anti-family is welcome to be part of this movement.

We are Non Profit, Self Help Support Group for Dowry Law [IPC 498A and 304b] victims; and Other gender biased laws. We strongly denounce Dowry Law, DV Act, misuse or other Gender biased laws by Indian wives (or daughter in law) to harass, innocent men and their family members. Ask us if you need advice on section 498A, DV, Divorce, Child Custody or any other gender biased laws for FREE. We fight against the harassment of the family members by people who misuse these laws. We also support those who suffer with Divorce laws and child custody, because of step mother policy of our law system.

65 crore male population doesn’t have a law to protect themselves, in case the complainant is a woman. There about 50 laws in which either only man can be a perpetrator or man cannot be a victim. For example man only can be adulterous according to adultery laws of India while he cannot be a victim of domestic violence or rape. We are associated with various strategic groups who work to create legal sensitization and seek constitutional amendments and urge lawmaking authorities to enroll men in the frame work of laws to protect interest of men and make laws for gender neutral.

We are dedicated to bring awareness about the true meaning of Justice and the responsibilities of every citizen in the process of justice. Justice, for everyone including the last person is our motto. We help and support people to stop the misuse of the laws on the ground of religion, race, cast, sex or any other. Most importantly in order to protect our ancient family cultures, values and for saving the childhood we support shared parenting and highly against misuse of dowry/family laws. We provide free counselling to people involved in matrimonial cases regarding family values and child welfare in the interest of children, about family laws and child custody related matters.