About Us

Insaaf Awareness Movement is an organisation of fighters, who are fighting or support these fighters against the gender biased laws. We are self supported, non profit, non government organisation. This organisation came into being after like minded people who were the fighting against these gender biased laws came together with a row to fight this menace and help others. However the origin of this organisation is based at Jalandhar, but in the process of reaching out to find the like minded people from other parts of state and country, IAM has associated and got in touch with various ngo’s at state and country level. We all work together for common cause to fight against the gender biased laws and to help each other in different part of country.

We work towards:

1.) Provide free help and counseling to Men and their family members who are in distress.

2.) Create awareness about anti male laws and attitude and expose the truth about our, so called Patriodial Society.

3.) Promote family and marital harmony by way of counseling.

4.) Work towards reducing the suicide rate of Men.

5.) Remove negativity and misconceptions about Men.

6.) To work forward for making laws and society gender neutral.

7.) To work for changes in the current/existing laws and legal procedures.

8.) To provide for a platform to fight against misuse of Gender biased laws like dowry laws and work place harassment etc.