beware guys!! Crazy women are chopping off penises

He is a father, a brother, a husband, a son and a friend. why this insensitivity towards men?


Something happens to a woman there is a media uproar society screams with empathy legislature gets busy framing news laws for protection there is a lot of sympathy all around but when its a man why no one cares. Women are doing weird and brutal things to men and nobody is noticing it. there are no media debates, no candlelight marches nothing. We need to sit and ask ourselves a question why this discrimination against men?? in this era of equality and women’s empowerment are we ignoring men?? 

new trend is coming to the fore of cutting of man’s penis by crazy women. woman are mutilating men. they are chopping off their private parts. many incidents have been reported in about a month or so. men need to be aware of such happenings and take care of themselves. 

woman killed her Father in law by squeezing his testicles
in a most recent and a brutal one woman killed his father in law by squeezing his testicles. woman was angry with the husband. the couple was quarrelling and father in law went in to break up the fight. he was trying to pacify them but the woman grabbed his testicles and squeezed them. old man died on the spot due to  excessive pain and internal bleeding in the ruptured organ.

Man bobbitised for refusing to have sex
in another incident jilted woman had bobbitized her boyfriend as he denied her sex. after chopping off mans penis she is on the run. the woman had pushed him inside the bathroom, undressed him and forced him to have sex with her. She allegedly threatened him of dire consequences if he did not give in to the demand. on his refusal she chopped off his genitals with a knife.

crazy woman chops off husband’s Penis
in another incident woman bobbitized her husband as she was dissatisfied of her marriage. marital discord was evident from the beginning. she had cut her husband’s genitals with a razor, washed the blood off her hands and went to sleep in another room. she then went missing.

woman chops off Goodman’s penis
there was another incident where the woman had cut off a Goodman’s penis in self defense and to save herself from rape . everyone from media to the chief chief minister of the state praised her for courage and bravery. later she said she harmed the Goodman after being instigated by those who had vested interest.

Man commits suicide after his penis is chopped off
another woman chopped off her brother in law’s penis. the man later committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree near his house


women are committing crime and escaping law by playing the “victim” card. one of the most convenient way for woman to escape punishment in India to commit a crime against any man and say it was self defence, the guy was trying to rape.

so beware guys of these crazy women who are violent and can resort to anything. Take care of yourself and most importantly Be Aware. please log in and post your comments. would appreciate your feed back.