Drunk woman’s forced kiss is a Sexual assault on the male Cop

Why everyone failed to notice/overlooked the sexual assault on a man when a drunk woman forcefully kissed him?

When we hear of sexual assault an image of man being the perpetrator forcing himself on the victimised women appears in our minds. why is that?? is it because men don’t have the privilege of consent or they can be violated without consequences. Do men have no “Izzat” that they can lose?? while men and women go through the same trauma on being violated yet there is a ridiculous concept of consent (always assumed given) in case of men and retrograde mindset that only women have something to lose while men don’t have anything to lose.

In an incident in Chandigarh allegedly few boys chased a girl. though there was no physical contact yet there was a lot of Hue and cry from all quarters of the society the media,politicians, the feminists and the ever sympathising people with woman cause. Where were these people when a drunk woman kissed a policeman who came to rescue her after the accident. wasn’t it sexual assault. yes it was a sexual assault as a policeman was unwilling and he was forced  but there was no mention of the incident, no broadcasts, no debates, no nothing. Everyone chose to overlook or they failed to see the sexual assault only because the victim was a man.

It was a case of drink and drive where the woman had rammed her car into the divider of the road. An autowala standing nearby tried to help her but she beat him up so the cops were called. When the policeman tried to get this intoxicated women out of the car she pulled him towards herself and forcefully started kissing him. Police man had to take the help of local women that is the women passing by to tackle the situation.


Unwanted sexual advances or maneuvers is harassment irrespective of gender of the victim. assuming If the genders in the above situation were reversed that is if a man had forcefully kissed a woman trying to help him imagine the outrage, endless debates and the coverage on various news channels. 

Indian law is one sided in favour of the female gender .The IPC Sections 354 A, 354 B, 354 C and 354 D, dealing with sexual harassment, disrobing, stalking and voyeurism, explicitly refer to men as the perpetrators of these crimes and women as victims. Men remain silent because of the fear that their complaint would not be registered while there is a every chance of counter false case on mere statement of the woman.

male victims go through similar psychological torture as female victims, but because of the lack of supporting institutions and social acceptance, they are compelled to remain silent. th are supposed to have enjoyed the act of violation otherwise they are gay or “Namard”ey ( Normal thought process).  This is a major reason why female violations are largely unreported. Moreover there is no initiative or agency to record or collect details on crime against men.

In today’s world we talk about gender equality how men are women are equal. Various issues for woman empowerment from reservation in the parliament to ‘My body My choice’ are being discussed. but are we really trying to achieve equality in the true sense, are we really working towards an unbiased society where men and women are considered equal and their problems and issues are measured with same yardsticks.

The answer to the above question is a No. We need to reflect and think as to why In order to empower women we are putting men down ignoring their issues and problems. Legal reforms are required that acknowledge sexual violence against men. Not only law but as a society we need to mature and collectively understand and acknowledge sexual male abuse. It is time to stop trivializing sexual abuse of men.