Men if you looking to get married especially remarried BEWARE looteri dulhans are on prowl

Guys beware if you are looking to get married or especially remarried ‘looteri dulhans’ are on the prowl, you may become an easy prey for them.IMG_2114

Recently there was a movie Dolly ki doli. In that movie we saw Dolly is a con woman who marries unsuspecting men and on the wedding night runs away with their money. such incidents are true and are happening in real life as well.

Many women have made it their profession to get married to unsuspecting men and then rob them of the money and jewellery or anything they can find. many such cases are coming to light. its a path to easy money money and vulnerable men are the targets.

one such case as per jagran report a woman got married rather robbed eleven grooms before being caught. within one week of marriage she used to sedate her in laws and run away with all the money and jewellery they had. she had collected about a crore of scam money from her eleven weddings.

Gang members and area of operation

woman had duped men in madhya pradesh maharashtra rajasthan kerala etc , with the help of her sister and brother in law along with middlemen who used find grooms to target.


if a beautiful, good height, fair complexion, well educated women with an educated family background agrees to marry a divorced or a disabled man, what would that man do? targets were vulnerable men who were rich men (disabled, finding it difficult to get married or divorced men).

Modus operandi

Middleman used to find groom which could be targeted. after finding a groom meeting would be arranged where her sister and brother in law accessed the assets of the groom. then they would pressurize for an early marriage. after getting married woman would find out where money and jewellery was kept. she would then sedate the whole family with the help of sleeping pills and robb them off all the cash and jewellery.  


this woman got arrested but there are many more out on prowl targeting men. marriage has become a source of entertainment and easy money for women these days. guys beware if you are looking to get married.