Rape an agenda to traumatise and criminalise men


False rape accusations Loom large in Indian society. everyday there are news reports where when a woman gets dumped by her boyfriend she accuses him of rape or if a girl is scared of her parents or has done something wrong, to cover up all woman come up with is a gang rape. False accusations are reaching epidemic levels in today’s world where with hookups, breakups live-ins and one night stands the consent lines have been blurred. rape accusations should be treated with more caution since men’s life are often ruined  by women’s malicious lies. It leaves life long scars and trauma on the mind of a false rape survivor. Indian men deserve justice against this misuse. All men are not rapists and all women are not victims. it came from Delhi police that sixty percent rape complaints filed in Delhi are false. In murthal during jat agitation there was a lot of sensational news about women’s inner wear being found and gangrapes but the special investigation team said it found nothing.

IMG_2074While It is blasphemous for feminists to admit that women lie about rape but women do lie about rape.Women can be vindictive, cruel and manipulative and craftily use the very laws meant to protect them, to their unfair advantage. they lie about rape to cover up infidelity, if she wants revenge,  if she feels guilty, if she wants to avoid marriage, if she wants property, if she wants attention, or if she wants sympathy, for money etc. Not only women but media also creates fictional stories of gang rapes in India Criminalising men. To some extent media is responsible for India’s tag of land of rapes. Here are few instances where false rape case was filed.

wife falsely accuses her husband of raping their 9 year old daughter 
Court acquitted a man of raping his 9 year old daughter after his wife admitted that she had registered a false rape complaint in order to teach him a lesson. His daughter appeared in the court and refused any act of rape had happened therefore the husband was acquitted of the offence under Section 18 of the protection of children from sexual offences act.

Actress arrested for honey trapping a Business man
Crime Patrol actress was arrested by police when she tried to file fake rape Complaint against a businessman. Police arrested as she was part of a honey trap and was trying to extort money from the businessman via threat of false rape case. She had also duped many other wealthy people via same trick.

Daughter files false rape on father to avoid marriage
16 year old girl head falsely accused her father of rape in order to avoid marriage. Father was logged in jail for last two and half years.he had opposed her friendship with boys and wanted her to get married and had found a groom in Nalasopara.

Girl files false rape on neighbour on the instance of her aunt
12 year old girl had made false rape allegations on her neighbour on the instance of her aunt. Girl told the court that she had  implicated  the accused in the false case at the instance of her aunt, after a quarrel between her aunt and the accused two days before the lodging of the FIR.

False gang rape filed on a murder witness
Women filed a false gang rape case against the murder case witness and 2 others to stop him from testifying in the court. She alleged that she lost her consciousness after she was given lassi by the accused and when she woke up she was on the hospital bed while the CCTV footage showed she came walking to the hospital.

Mumbai student cooked up rape story to harass friend
Mumbai student confessed she came up with the story to exact revenge on a friend after watching a TV series which showed gandrape witnesses been question for days. She had cooked the story only to harass her friend after a fight between them.