Rarest of the rare ( Nirbhay ) 15 year old girl chops off 9 year olds boy’s penis

Unable to have sex 15 year girl old chopped off the penis of a 9 year old boy



A shocking incident has come to light in Uttar Pradesh in ghazipur district where a 15 year old girl chopped off the penis of 9 year old boy Nirbhay (Name changed) because he was unable to have sex with her. this is incident is as brutal as nirbhaya but there is no media limelight, no debates, no public outcry nothing because the victim is a male.

15 year old girl took a nirbhay to her house in the afternoon when noon was there in her house. she tried to force herself on the him. he was not ready so she threatened him, beat him up with a stick. after her efforts to have sex failed she picked up knife and chopped off nirbhay’s private parts.

Nirbhay lost consciousness and was seriously injured. he was taken to the hospital in a serious condition. 

nirbhaya, a gangrape case in delhi was termed as rarest of the rare. all men involved were given death sentences. there was also a male juvenile, a minor involved. there was lot of uproar and upheaval in the society created by media, feminists and feminists organisations when the boy was sent to juvenile home. they wanted death sentence for the boy too. 

Government seeing the sentiment and as a part of the appeasement policy made an amendment to the juvenile justice act which brought the age of male juvenile offenders from 18 years to 16 years.

It is evident from such incidents that females are also capable of such horrific crimes so why this discrimination against males? crime does not have gender. so why discriminate on the basis of gender? males are vulnerable and helpless against such laws which are often misused. 

Law should be equal for both. Age for female juvenile offenders should also be lowered or it should be restored back to 18 years for male offenders. being born as a male does make them less of a citizen of India. men are human too. there is a dire need to dispel deep seated notions of misandry from our hearts.