Why Dharna at Jantar Mantar for men’s rights

Everyone seems to be fighting to protect women and their rights in this country. Some are even washing women’s feet as an sign to show respect. Thousands of NGOs working for women empowerment and protection, N number of government schemes, hundreds of laws. everyone from lawmakers to celebrities and even a common man it seems have only female gender on their minds. what about men then? what about their rights?

why is it a taboo to talk about men, the troubles they face, their pain,the hardships they have to face while bearing the load of the forced provider/ protector role? You talk about Men’s rights and people will start starring at you as if you Are talking some alien thing or they will laugh it off as a joke. Amidst the ignorance and women empowerment blitzkrieg men are losing lives. Men r being butchered by women. They are being tortured to the extent that they are forced to commit suicide. Male bashing is the theme these days. Some have gone to the extent of calling men are potential rapists and also all violence is male generated.

women protection laws are being abused and misused shamelessly for money,revenge and satisfying ego. one of the reasons for this rampant misuse is the fact women can almost get away with anything. Even if they are caught lying, falsely accusing a man there are very little or no consequences. Recent Supreme Court decision proves this fact. Such is the misuse that daughters are filling false rape cases against fathers if they try to stop them of doing something.

One the reasons is that men themselves are not taking about their problems. Not taking about issues does athe maximum damage and harm. men are uncomfortable sharing it all because the way they are brought up in these days. From the early age they are taught boys dont cry. Men normally don’t open up but if he tries to do so he is called sexist.Be a man mard ban is all they hear whenever they try to share. Men are not even allowed to say their mind. One of the actors said that he wanted to marry a girl who will be a home maker, who would pamper him and takes care of his house and he was trolled and rebuked and abused for it. For women it’s their choice and for men they have to think and act according to the rules and framework of feminism. Nobody wants to lend a friendly ear to a man’s issues. they have time patience and sympathy only if its a woman.

Life expectancy is more of a woman than that of a man. Yet nobody talks about men’s health. While there is So much awareness, funding and research on breast cancer there are a very few initiatives being taken to create awareness about prostate cancer, Which is one of the major men killing cancer.

Feminist’s cry for equality is a cry for supremacy. In the wake of women empowerment Men are being oppressed. Almost one married man commits suicide every eight minutes. The figure for male suicide is more than double that of women. There are no laws to protect men. Sexual violence and domestic violence against men is completely ignored. Scales are tilted in favour female gender. One false complaint and it could ruin a man’s life. Such is the power in a woman’s hand equipped with hundred of biased laws.

Insaaf awareness movement will stage a protest at jantar mantar on 29th April along with other SIF NGOs to raise the issues and problems faced by men. Insaaf appeals to all of you to take part in this endeavour so that no more lives are lost while empowering one and ignoring other gender. Be a part of this protest your effort can save many lives in future