False case on husband ‘Dowry death victim’ found living with her lover

‘Dowry death victim’ found living with her lover; while husband is rotting in jail


In another false case of dowry death a woman who was considered dead was found alive living with her paramour. the woman from bihar was found living in madhya pradesh approximately 780 kms away while her husband was serving jail for the offence he did not commit.

as per The Telegraph report Manoj kumar was arrested after his wife Rinki had mysteriously disappeared for the home. Rinki’s parents alleged that her daughter had been killed by her inlaws for dowry. some days later a body was found in the village which rinki’s parents identified as her body and cremated it. Fir was lodged against six members of his family.

Unsatisfied with the police investigation manoj’s family started their own investigation and were stunned to see Rinki alive living with her lover. Rinki was then arrested and brought before the court where she admitted to having eloped with her lover whom she knew before her marriage. 

This is not the first incident it has happened before when the husband was convicted for dowry death while the ‘dead’ woman was alive. our society is oblivious to the fact that there exist a huge problem of false cases around this drive of woman empowerment. A man is considered a criminal right from the start when a woman or her parents level allegations. Same follows in the investigation as well. Nil or no investigation is done and the charge sheet is submitted finding  the man as a criminal.

Many men are facing such false cases. In a country like India whose Criminal jurisprudence says 100 people may escape law but one innocent should not be punished its a shame to see the callous approach of the investigating agencies when it comes to ‘crime against women’ cases. Please write your comments or suggestions.