Three woman abduct a man, drug him and rape him for three days


A man got raped by three woman sounds bizarre to an indian ear doesn’t it ? Believe it or not male rape is a reality. these kind of incidents are eye openers for indian society and law which does not acknowledge Male rape.The society is also not sympathetic to a man, men are ignored and are left to suffer alone. If a man says he was raped he would laughed at. the whole incident for others becomes a joke leaving the man to suffer in silence. Rape is a heinous crime and it can traumatize and impact a man as well. India needs to wake up and acknowledge Male Rape.

According a report by Metro The victim, who is 23 years old, had hailed a communal taxi in eastern Pretoria, South Africa, when he first encountered his alleged abusers. As soon as he got in, the car started to drive in the wrong direction and he was ordered to get in the front seat. The man was then forcibly injected with a substance after which he passed out.

He then woke up in a unfamiliar room on a single bed. he was force fed energy drinks while the three women took turns raping him numerous times for three days. he was not allowed to sleep and was only allowed to consume energy drinks.

after three days he was left in the field in a semi naked condition to die. fortunately he survived and got medical treatment.

male rape also happens in india but  goes unreported. some time back two woman sexually abused, forced to have sex and filmed a taxi driver.IMG_1196

As a men’s rights organisation Insaaf Awareness Movement feels that nothing is being done in India to protect men from rape or sexual abuse. With the limited definition of rape which does not acknowledge male rape, the police does not take sexual abuse or rape of men seriously. male rape survivors are dismissed because it is believed that they “must have enjoyed it” . there is a every possibility that the woman who raped a man, if she claims she was raped then the man will be arrested on charges of rape.

We need laws that can protect us, irrespective of the gender we belong to. We need laws that will punish the offender, irrespective of the gender they belong to. We need Gender Neutral Laws. please tell us how you feel by commenting in box below.