Our Demands

The social family system/structure of India has always been the strength of our Nation. India is always known for its family values and social family environment. But due to the recent gender biased laws and policies this environment is under threat. Insaaf Awareness Movement working in support with various other organisations to create gender neutral environment which support the family system of India. We have following demands from our Goverment and law making agencies:

Our Demands:

1.) IAM support the demand for separate Men’s welfare ministry and National common for Men; strangely this 50% population is not covered under any welfare ministry.

2.) IAM demand to create a separate union ministry exclusively for children & delink the present Women and child development ministry as Womens’ rights and child rights are totally different and thus children are not the priority.

3.) Scrapping gender biased laws like 498A, 125 CrPC etc and establish a Gender Neutral Environment by creating gender neutral laws.

4.) Equal punishment for people who misuse dowry law, domestic violence and rape laws in order extort maximum money or to separate families with the idea of de-linking the paternal family from bestowing love and affection.

5.) Amend Guardians & Wards Act, and make shared parenting mandatory to both fit parents and ensure that all child custody cases should be disposed off after trial within 6 months of application in these courts.

6.) Family laws should be reformed and made sensitive towards the feelings of father. Husband/Father should not be treated only as ATM machines, who has been treated just as duty bound to pay maintenance rather they should also be given rights to see and should be given access to his children.

7.) Initiate social and familial reforms to reinforce joint family system. So that every member plays an active role in family system. Husband/Father should not be treated only as duty bound ATM machines, they should be given their rights also; and responsibilities be shared among the Husband and Wife.