Some Facts & Figures

India is becoming unsafe for men day by day because of one sided gender biased law making policies. Suicides is one such avenue which exhibits the social trauma and mental status of a men. NCRB 2014 illustrates the vulnerable situation men are facing in present scenario. Every 5.9 min a men is committing suicide in India, with family disputes as single largest reason of male suicide. As per the latest statistics from NCRB, India witnessed Male Suicide (89129) and we wish to highlight following:

  • As against last year ratio of 2.17 Husband Suicide per Wife Suicide in India, in 2014, the ratio has increased to 2.21. Similarly, Male Suicide to Female Suicide ratio has increased from 2.05 last year to 2.10 in 2014. This means that with the Anti-Men environment in India, more Men and Husbands are forced to commit suicide.
  • Husband Suicide per Wife Suicide with no of husband suicides being 59744 and wife suicides being 27064. This means more than double husbands are commiting suicide every year than wives.
  • Another startling fact is that suicide of women in age-group 30-60 years is 39% of total women suicide while the same for men is 16% Higher & is 55%. This clearly shows that the age group of 30-60 years is 16% more vulnerable for men as compared to women. It is pertinent to mention here that this is the age group which is contributing maximum to GDP of India and hence government’s loss of focus to men of this age groups specifically will have a direct effect on the GDP of the country.
  • It is ironical that Ministry of Women and Child Development, in their own report in 2007 had said that of every 100 children sexually abused, 53 are boys yet the laws and schemes remain biased to protect girl child alone.
  • As per the Accidental deaths (by unnatural causes) data of NCRB 2014, 80% of victims are Men but still the Government is not waking up to make workplace, society, public areas, homes safer for men.
  • Single largest reason as revealed by NCRB for suicides was found to be family disputes (21.7%).

It cannot be directly established but indeed in 2013-2014, men in India did see some relief with launch of National helpline for Men +91-8882498498 and also the directions from Hon’ble Supreme Court in ‘Arnesh Kumar vs State of Bihar’ gave a huge hope to Husbands / Married men and that’s where we are pleased to see their suicide rate coming down.

Please note the above data has been taken from various sources and sites. NCRB is National Crime Record Bureau is goverment record collecting agency.